The Importance of Shoes


There is much evidence that foot covering and protection was one of the things that our primitive ancestors began to make. They were compelled by necessity to find some way how to protect their barren feet from rocks, hot sand and rugged terrain where they used to pursue food and shelter. We can see that the importance of protecting feet was early recognized and there is much evidence to support this.

Shoes Through History

There are records from early civilizations such as the Egyptian and Chinese that contain references to shoes. In its original form, the shoe was a simple piece of rawhide or plaited grass that was strapped to the feet and used as the protection. The evidence shows that the ancient Egyptians made sandals from plaited papyrus and some pieces were really artistically wrought. Therefore, making of sandals was a well-recognized art of the early history of that country as well as in some other countries of that period. They were usually worn in warm areas and they reflected the environment in which they were worn and different tastes of people, their progress and prosperity, while in cold countries, there was another type of food protection known as moccasin, and moccasins were most frequently worn by the Eskimos and the Laplanders, American Indians, etc.

The Improvement of Shoe Production

The shoe has always had a significant place in costume as well and many shoes were made to be worn only on special occasions such as great ceremonies. As the time was passing, the ways of how the shoes were produced changed and many new and lavish shoe styles emerged. Simple tools for making shoes, that were used by the ancient civilizations, were replaced by complex shoe machines that facilitated and increased the production of shoes and allowed many options that were not possible with primitive shoe tools.

Finding the Right Shoes

Shoes serve many functions as they protect our feet from injuries, they cushion our body weight, help us show the other people our lifestyle. Besides this, they allow us to perform sports activities easier and have the power to make our feet feel comfortable and fashionable. Therefore, finding the right type of shoes that will suit both our needs and lifestyle and keep our feet healthy is of crucial importance. But, how to find the right shoes, especially if we are buying online?

If you are buying your shoes online, then you should know that buying your shoes online provides you with a wider choice as you will have the access to many stores that do not exist in your area online. However, to purchase shoes that will fit you, you will have to pick the shoes of the right size and not just those of appealing appearance. This is where Shoe Size Chart can help you. Such charts usually contain the information about shoe sizes in various countries and how they can be converted from one to another, and they could help you make your final decision and pick what is the best for you.

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