How To Safely Move Office Furniture

If you own a business and are looking for long term or short term storage for your office furniture, you should consider Storage Bondi Junction.

This solution is cost effective and convenient for business clients whose premises are undergoing renovations or relocation, or for business owners who have minimal onsite storage for storing their excess equipment.

Here, we look at some of the best ways to pack and move your office supplies and equipment and to organize your office furniture when it is in storage.

Proper Ways To Pack And Move Your Office Supplies, Equipment And Furniture

You should always ensure that you have packed your office supplies and furniture carefully in order to avoid any damage occurring when they are being moved into the storage unit.

You will require some simple packing supplies such as tape, boxes, packing peanuts, newspaper and bubble wrap.



If you want to store your office furniture, you should think about hiring a professional moving team instead of allowing your employees move the furniture themselves.

If you have a small business and want to move the equipment yourself, you should take precautions such as using bubble wrap or furniture pads to keep the furniture secure. If you can, you should remove the legs from the furniture.

Always put any screws or nuts inside a small, labeled bag which you should tape to the bottom of the item. By securing drawers firmly in place, you will be able to move cabinets and desks without having to remove them.


Electronics and Computers

When you move electronics and computers, you should always pack them into either their original boxes or boxes of a similar size.

You can then fill up any remaining space with packing peanuts or paper. You should never put heavy items onto boxes of computer equipment.

If possible, you should also pack items like projectors and TVs in their original packaging, preferably with the Styrofoam inside for added protection. If this is not available, use bubble wrap and blankets instead.


Paperwork and Books

Always pack books into a sturdy box. Place larger books flat on the bottom of the box. You can either pack medium or small-sized books flat or upright, but avoid cramming lots of books into a single box.

Filed paperwork can remain inside filing cabinets if you secure the drawers firmly for the move.


Organization of Storage Units

When you put your office equipment into the storage unit, put any frequently used items to the front and keep heavy boxes to the bottom.

Boxes can also be stacked on desks and on other furniture items. If you turn your furniture vertically you will increase your available space. Remember to label all of your boxes and create a list showing the location of every box inside the unit.

A key element of storing your office equipment is the organization of your inventory. List all of the items you are putting into storage and use shelving as this will make the inventory simple to find.