Research Shows that Scented Candles Improve Our Concentration

Newest research about concentration boosting techniques, conducted last year by the University of Melbourne, Department of Psychology, has shown that scented candles significantly improve our focus. So this research basically shows that aromatherapy works.  Some scents like cinnamon, mint, rosemary, lemon and orange can affect and improve our concentration, mood, and productivity. So if you are an aspiring student or a career-oriented person that wants to improve their knowledge and learning skills, set your brain in the mood with some amazing candles.

Candles are not great only for creating a perfect atmosphere over dinner or when you’re enjoying a long warm bath. They are also ideal for setting the right mood and atmosphere in our home office when we need to study or work. Our sense of smell is a very powerful tool that participates in boosting our productivity and learning abilities. Activate this tool and your brain by creating a more aspiring and productive environment. Read on to learn what scents you should use and what exercise to perform to develop and improve your concentration, increase motivation and become a better and faster learner.

5 Scents that Will Improve Your Productivity

If you want to stimulate your brain, use cinnamon scented candles. During the late fall and early winter, we always feel sleepy, dull and lose our motivation. Cinnamon is perfect for this time of the year because it will create a sense of alertness, helping us to improve our focus. If you have troubles waking up in the morning and starting your work day, use mint glasshouse candles. The scent and the taste of mint will wake up your brain and boost your attention. If you have some group project you need to work on, mint is great for group brainstorming, learning and discussions.

Lemon has an incredibly vigorous and refreshing smell that will shake you up and put your mind into action. It is great for improving focus, even if it’s used in small amounts. A cup of nice tea with a little lemon juice will also help you significantly to focus and take action. Oranges, similar to lemon create a bold, refreshing atmosphere perfect for brainstorming and even teaching. If you are a teacher, you can help your students concentrate by combining orange-cinnamon scented candles and essential oils. A plain orange smell can sometimes be rather overwhelming. Earthy, sweet scents like cinnamon and vanilla will balance it up.

Last but not least is rosemary, a mysterious yet powerful scent that just makes you feel satisfied and beautiful. Use rosemary if you have an obligation you have to finish soon, but you’re feeling stressed and under pressure. Rosemary will calm you, quickly grabbing your attention and accelerating your mind. Combine it with essential oils for a stronger effect.

Activate Your Space with Essential Oils

If you want to activate your space, as we mentioned above additionally, Use oil burners or drop a few droplets of essential oils into a bowl of hot water to stimulate your sense of smell or you could even do an exercise called candle gaze to sooth your nerves, improve attention and develop full concentration.